Dr Emmanuel
Dr Emmanuel
Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • "I love Dr. Emmanuel. I have been going to him for the past 9 years for many different conditions. I fully trust him to take care of me. He is always patient to listen to me and always offers the best treatment options. I feel great and I owe it all to him!"
    By - J R
    02-Mar-2018 12:50 AM
  • "For many years I had suffered from sciatic pain and didn’t do anything about it. I had shooting pain down the right side of my leg and I had tingling as well. I saw Dr. Emmanuel and he explained to me the different treatment choices I had. He is knowledgeable and experience and I trusted him. After one epidural injection, the shooting pain was gone. I am a happy person again."
    By - J S
    Knee Replacement
    02-Mar-2018 12:50 AM
  • "I lived with severe knee pain for years. I reached a point I couldn’t live my life the way I used to. I have an active husband who loves to travel… and we had to stop that because of my knee condition. Then I spoke to Dr. Emmanuel about the treatment choices I had and he told me that I was a good candidate for a Total Knee Replacement. I felt confident that it was the right move for me. My operation went beautifully and with physical therapy I made great progress. It was a little difficult in the beginning but now I have my life back again. I can travel, play golf and enjoy all the activities I used you. I have my life back again! Thanks Dr. Emmanuel for everything you’ve done for me!"
    By - J S (age 63)
    Knee Replacement
    02-Mar-2018 12:49 AM
  • "I had constant knee pain at the age of 46. I have three active kids who love to play sports and I tried to volunteer to be a coach for my son’s basketball team. My knee pain was so bad I just couldn’t do it. The hardest part was to sit and watch my kids play sports and not be able to be out there with them. I reached a point I had to do something about my knee. Dr. Emmanuel and I spoke about my options and told me that I was a good candidate for a total knee replacement surgery. I was young with so many years ahead of me and I didn’t want to lose out on being an active dad. After my surgery, I was able to enjoy life again. I can play golf and even walk the golf course with my friends pain-free! My children are so happy that I can be the active dad and coach and participate in their games. Dr. Emmanuel saved me and I am so grateful to him and his amazing staff who coordinated my surgery and the physical therapy. Everything went so smoothly."
    By - P G (age 46)
    Knee Replacement
    02-Mar-2018 12:48 AM
  • " Today I would say my quality of life is now 100% versus 20% before my knee surgery."

    "I am Charlene, a mother of three kids and a Grandmother of two. Before I had my knee replacement surgery I was in severe pain for at least three years before I saw Dr. Emmanuel about doing a total knee replacement. I knew that was the only option I had left. I had tried everything else. I couldn’t ride my bike, go bowling or even clean the house anymore. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even play with my grandchildren. But today, I am a whole new person and I have my life back! The pain is gone. I look and feel so much better about myself because I can do all the things that I love. Thanks to Dr. Emmanuel!

    When I went to see him regarding my knees, he explained the procedure to me gave me pamphlets and gave me a DVD to watch at home. He explained the out-patient recovery process as well. I trusted him and he did an amazing job! Today I can go hiking; I can bend, stoop and even climb stairs without being in pain. There isn’t anything I can’t do! My quality of life has improved and I am loving life again!"

    By - C P
    Knee Replacement
    02-Mar-2018 12:48 AM
  • "I had back pain for so many years and I had tried all kinds of medications to stop the pain. Nothing worked. I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes. I went to see Dr. Emmanuel and he talked to me about getting a nerve root block injection. I am so glad I did it! One simple injection and I am so happy and I have no pain. I am able to go to work and exercise and do all the activities I enjoy without the pain. Dr. Emmanuel is knowledgeable and precise. I tell all my friends about him who has the same pain. He saved me."
    By - F J
    02-Mar-2018 12:46 AM
  • "When I came to Dr. Emmanuel I could only walk a few steps and I had to sit down because the pain was so great. Dr. Emmanuel performed a spinal fusion surgery and I had bilateral hip replacements surgery. I feel great and I walk unassisted! "
    By - P R
    02-Mar-2018 12:45 AM
  • "Before going to Dr. Emmanuel, I couldn’t even walk up a flight of stairs. After my knee arthroscopy, I feel like have a life back! I can go on long walks and even climb stairs without any pain. It was a simple procedure and I was home the same afternoon. I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks to Dr. Emmanuel I can enjoy the simple things again."
    By - S G
    02-Mar-2018 12:44 AM
  • "Dear Dr. Emmanuel: It was a year yesterday that you repaired my tendon. All is well thanks to your good hands. I’ve got a little "grip" but I’m walking and golfing! Regards and thank you."
    By - T H
    02-Mar-2018 12:37 AM
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